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Best Physiotherapy in Mississauga

Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain and restore your everyday physical wellbeing through various exercise treatments including stretching, core exercises, walking, and weight lifting.  Physiotherapists diagnose and manage a broad range of conditions of the human body including the joints, muscles, bones and nerves. They help to manage chronic diseases, chronic pain, acute injuries, long term aches and pains in all parts of the body.

Physiotherapy improves or restores mobility and reduces the need for surgery and long-term prescription medication.

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment used to restore, maintain, and improve a patient’s mobility & well-being. The primary objective of this therapy is to assist patients in overcoming the pain & discomfort caused by an injury or chronic pain condition. Derry Health and Wellness Center is a renowned wellness center in Mississauga. We have highly educated and certified physiotherapists to give you the utmost care. Moreover, our clinic has proven testimonies of recuperating numerous patients with physical therapy suffering from various ailments & injuries.

Our physiotherapists do not only address the symptoms of crippling pain; but, treat the root causes of your pain & discomfort. We use physical assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, rehabilitation, illness prevention, and health education to recover patients in the shortest time. The primary advantage you will gain from our physiotherapy is the alleviation of pain & suffering. Gradually, as soon as your body heals, you can experience other benefits as well. Such as ROM (Range of Motion) improvement, muscles & soft tissues strengthening, better circulation, harmonious functioning, and so on.

A wide range of conditions can be cured by this non-invasive treatment. For example:

  • Low back pain and Sciatica
  • Sports injuries
  • Acute injuries
  • Headaches, whiplash, and neck pain
  • Hip, knee, and shoulder injuries
  • Arthritic pain
  • Strains and sprains
  • Workplace injuries

Whenever you have such pain & discomfort, visiting a physiotherapist is the ideal option for a speedy recovery. But how often should you meet them? It completely depends on your ailment/injury condition. Initially, regular visits are recommended. Gradually, as you gain strength and your body recovers, the therapist will schedule your appointment as per your condition and needs.

If you are scared of surgery and invasive treatment, physiotherapy is the ideal option to choose for alleviating your pain & discomfort. Moreover, it is a natural technique that can cure you with no impairment. For more information regarding the treatment and to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, contact us now. We would be pleased to help you.