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Massage Therapy

Best Massage Therapy in Mississauga

Massage refers to the manipulation of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body. A massage therapist uses his or her hands—the most important tool—to treat the patient and detect any physical and emotional problem. The patient’s body is palpated to determine the condition of the tissues and the source of pain. A good massage can help with insomnia, indigestion, stress and pain. It forces you to relax and stay still for a period of time. In doing this, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop, allowing your muscles to relax and repair more easily. There are, however, more benefits to massage therapy than just feeling great.

Massage therapy is a non-invasive treatment of the body’s soft tissues. It is one of the oldest therapy for alleviating pain, soreness, stiffness, and stress. Derry Health and Wellness Center is a well-known clinic in Mississauga. We have highly qualified & experienced therapists to give the best treatment. Furthermore, our clinic has testimonies of successfully treating patients suffering from body or aches and stress with no impairments.

Our therapists will take initial history and guide the patients to lie down on their back/stomach (depending on the region being treated). During therapy, they may apply heat to the area to lose uptight, stiff muscles, and tendons & ligaments. We offer the most appropriate and latest approaches based on the patient’s need to recover them fast. Our excellent massage therapy improves muscle strength, increases blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system for better overall body functioning.

According to our experience, patients often feel mild discomfort at the beginning of the therapy. However, at the end of the treatment, they feel relaxed & tranquil. Moreover, some patients feel so calm during their massage treatment that they may fall asleep.

Massage Therapy is used to relieve pain, as well as rehabilitate and improve physical function. It is a clinically oriented health option that achieves excellent results for discomforts stemming from:

  • Stress
  • Muscular Overuse
  • Muscle tension and pain
  • Joint mobility
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Shoulder and Neck Pain

If you are experiencing body aches & pains, taking a massage appointment is the best option for a fast recovery. However, how frequently should you take it?

Most patients experience instantaneous relief after a single massage session. However, continued treatment has a long-term impact that yields the best outcomes. If you are afraid of surgeries and invasive treatment, massage therapy is an excellent alternative for pain & discomfort relief. Furthermore, it is a natural procedure that can treat you with no side effects. Contact us  for more information on the therapy and schedule an appointment.